Help the movement grow with every purchase!

5% of every order at Rising Sun is directed to the cause of your choice.

When you make a purchase at Rising Sun Coffee Company, 5% of the total sale price (before taxes and shipping charges) is forwarded to the cause of your choice. Simply indicate which of the following groups you wish to support when adding items to your cart.

With each item you add to your cart, you can choose which cause to support. Therefore with each order, you are able to dedicate funds to as many causes as products you purchase!

how to donate

Each Cause has a separate Bitcoin Wallet established by Rising Sun Coffee Co. Once per month, we cash-out each Cause's Bitcoin Wallet, paying it directly to the intended recipients. For the time being this is a manual process, but we are working on developing an automatic system so that donations can be independently verified.

If  you have an /ourguys/ fund in mind which is not currently supported by Rising Sun Coffee Company, please send us a message and let us know!