About us

We are a family-run company. Our goal is to serve you an excellent product while also helping to contribute to the larger community.

We are very proud of the products we offer, but we are even more proud to be a part of an exciting movement which is rising to greater heights every day: the movement to preserve and protect European identity and heritage against the many external and internal threats that we face.

We are a European family: father, mother, four children and a doggo. We are striving to live in the way that our ancestors would have done: traditionally, simply, with respect to the environment and each other. 

By choosing to purchase your coffee products here, not only are you getting the absolute best in coffee beans and gear, but you're also helping to support a traditional, down-to-earth family, as well as the entire community of individuals and groups aligned in the struggle for the preservation of our people.

At Rising Sun Coffee Company, 5% of every purchase is forwarded to the European movement or charity of your choosing! We want to grow and thrive as a company by providing you with the coffee products you're after as well as by helping you to contribute to the movement at-large!

Thanks so much for stopping by!